The Flight Analyzer of FsQC:

Improve your flying skills with our flagship the Flight Analyzer for FSX and FS2004.
This utility is monitoring your flight in all phases:

  • taxiout
  • takeoff
  • climb
  • cruise
  • descent
  • landing
  • taxiin

After you parked your aircraft at the gate a report is generated in pdf format.
You can evaluate your flight and see wich improvements you had made and
wich skills are to be improved.

The Other Thing of FsQC:

You can quickly change the FSX settings and it gives you information such as:

  • time
  • date
  • fuel
  • payload
  • traffic density
  • failures
  • runway detecting system
  • pilot logbook
  • load a flight
  • load a flightplan
  • and lots of more
  • see here for more information


Landing Chart

Much information on the landing Chart

Pilot Logbook

Much information in your flightbook

Flight Analyzer

Much information from Taxi to Landing and Parked ...more