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Released 28 July 2023

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Before Download Read the REQUIEREMENTS:

Computer with XP or higher with internet access, flightsimulator MSFS, P3D, FSX or FS2004 with FSUIPC installed, you can download FSUIPC FREE from the internet.
MakeRunways must be used, see the Manual
available on:

Important: FsQC always needs a Flight Plan.
For XP users look here

Latest Version 7.50

Improvements 7.50

TakeOff Chart improved, some runways where not detected.
Added QNH in Takeoff page pdf report

released 28 July 2023

Version 7.49

Improvements 7.49

TakeOff Chart improved, runways with high magnetic variatons where not detected.
Minor changes in layout windows.
Contradictions in Flight Chart with PDF report is solved or minimized

released 29 May 2023

Version 7.48

Improvements 7.48

Added TakeOff chart in Analysis and in PDF report

released 26 April 2023

Version 7.47

Improvements 7.47

Landing Horizontal Path issues in North directions Fixed
Added in Flight Chart choose to show Kilo meters instead of feet and Nm.
Changed Layout in Flight Analysis retracting Spoilers and Flaps now also in seconds after 1 minute
Recognise if reverser and spoilers are available in aircraft

released 14 April 2023

Version 7.46

Improvements 7.46

FS2004 fuel issue in v7.45 fixed
Fuel weight converting improved, must now be accurate
Added in Mainform fuel weight per Gallon (ie. Cessna fuel weight is different from Airbus)

released 12 April 2023

Version 7.45

Improvements 7.45

You can now choose in the settings menu for ending analysis with Engines Shutdown or Parking Brakes, default = Parking Brakes
Added Fuel Burn line in Flight Chart
Issue with Fuel Flow when started in the air and Push Back fixed
Changes in Flight Chart Layout, added 0% and 100% label for FuelBurn.
Issue finding gate and runway (width) file solved (g5.csv , r5.csv)
In Flight Report now added the Elevator(Trim), Aileron, FuelBurn and Fuel Flow line with labels.
Issue wrong values Fuel Burn: Galons, Kilograms and Liters in Flight Chart fixed

released 10 April 2023

Version 7.44

Improvements 7.44

Added Fuel Flow per Hour and Fuel Burn in Flight Chart, you can choose Gallons, Lbs, Kilograms or Liters
Engine started not detected after the pushback is solved
FS9 flightplan issue solved
Changes in Flight Report
Changes in Flight Chart Layout

released 2 April 2023

Version 7.43

Improvements 7.43

Gate Issue in FS9 solved
A message in Flight Analysis will appear when a file is missing
Waypoints improved (but can still have issues)
In Airport Info added Magnetic Variation
Some mispelled text is corrected

released 27 Marchl 2023


  • Version 7.42

  • Runway Width is now on scale (file r5.csv from MakeRunwys)
    Runway in Horizontal Landing Path have now surface detection:
    Hard: black
    Grass: green
    Water: blue
    Clay, Mud, Dirt, Coral and Gravel: brown
    Sand: light brown
    Other: gray

    Added in Flight Chart:
    Elevator Trim

    Gates added in Flight Analysis (file g5.csv from MakeRunwys)
    Runway Width added in Airport Info (file r5.csv from MakeRunwys)
    Put these files in the FsQC folder for faster access

    Airport Info layout changed
    Landing Analysis layout changed
    Waypoints improved (but can have issues)
    Starting engines checking now all engines, whichever comes first.
    Shut engines: all engines must be shut

    released 19 March 2023

  • Version 7.41

  • Waypoints had some issues
    Added additional Waypoints: Airports and Custom (POI)
    TakeOff and Landing Clearence are now visible in the Flight Chart (only 2020 and P3D)
    Entering RW and Clearing RW are now visible in the Flight Chart (only 2020 and P3D)
    6 Aircraft Lights are now also visible in the Flight Chart, When the position of one of the lights changes a panel of 6 lights will be drawn in the flight chart
    ICAO names departure and destination added with the runway names
    Added Starting up and Shutting down engines in Flight Analysis
    Some text are changed in flight analysis

    released 4 Februar 2023



  • Version 7.40

  • Added Waypoints in the Flight Chart from the flightplan and chosen Approaches.
    Also the Outer- Middle- and Inner- markers.

    released 4 Februar 2023



  • Version 7.39

  • Starting up is now faster.
    Checking for update now at the start.

    released 13 Januar 2023


  • Version 7.38

    • Runways in North directions not always detected is solved.
    • Parallel Runways now better detected, sometimes the wrong RW is chosen.
    • Teleport aircraft improved.
    • Gallons below 10 will be written as 0.0 to 9.9. (useful for small aircrafts)
    • Changed some text and tooltips.
    • Some minor issues are solved.

    released 7 Januar 2023

  • Version 7.37

    • Added Landing Chart Horizontal Path.
    • Landing Analysis has new window layout.
    • The landing is now better detectable.
    • Issue landing chart (v7.36) sometimes empty is solved.

      released 21 December 2022

  • Version 7.36

  • Only as update

    released 9 December 2022

  • Version 7.35

  • Only as update

    released 21 August 2022

  • Version 7.28

  • Now with an Installer, installs FSUIPC and the runways.xml files automatically
  • Some minor bugs are solved.

    released 20 March 2021

  • Version 7.27

  • 60% thrust to 40% for recording start rolling
  • Remove to many taxi frames in full flight chart
  • Added a screenshot button to see the latest screenshots (deleted after TakeOff)
  • TouchDown not always detected in Landing Chart, solved

    released 14 March 2021 (only as update)

  • Version 7.26

  • Added teleport Aircraft, found in the 'Airport Info'. (only for MSFS)
  • Added auto screenshots taken when landing at 500 ft. and 100 ft. (found in logbook Vertical Speed cell)
  • Messages in flight about how FsQC handle the flight. (you can turn this option off)
  • Bouncing at touchdown is improved.

    released 1 March 2021

  • Version 7.25

  • Flight planner is improved.
  • Some minor bugs are solved.

    released 11 Januar 2021 (only as update)

  • Version 7.24

  • landing Chart is again improved.
  • Missed approach and touch and go are improved.
  • Failures have now more information: when the failure occur with altitude in MSL.

    released 4 Januar 2021 (only as update)

  • Version 7.23

  • Vertical lines added in Flight Chart, 5000, 2500, 1000, and 500 feet.
  • Added a square box in the Flight Chart to recognize the Landing Chart.
  • landing Chart is improved when Runway is unknown.
  • When Landing Chart stays empty it will be generated after the landing when aircraft has stopped.
  • When the Landing Chart is not displayed properly, it is reprocessed so that it is displayed correctly.
  • Bouncing and nose-wheel TouchDown distances added, with speeds and seconds.

    released 28 December 2020 (only as update)

  • Version 7.22

  • Picture of (default) aircraft is now also added in Logbook Landing Chart.
  • Renaming Climb and Descent -Chart to TakeOff and Approach -Chart.
  • The flight planner is improved and added a Arrow-up -down button for 'Reverse Flight Plan'
  • Label 'At the Gate:' is now flashing when aircraft has stopped after landing, as reminder Parking Brakes
  • Restarting Flight Analysis gives warning when parking brakes are not set after the flight.
  • Landing Chart is improved: better find runway.
  • Renaming some label names.

    released 14 December 2020 (only as update)

  • Version 7.21

  • MSFS2020 now works fine with the new  MakeRwys.exe (v5.10) file. download here
  • Picture of (default) aircraft is now always loaded.
  • The flight planner is improved: faster find airports
  • Landing Chart is improved: now starting also when higher as 1000 ft. and distance is less than 3.3 Nm.
  • Flight Analysis is improved: starting is optimized
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

    released 5 December 2020 (only as update)

  • Version 7.20

  • Now with more landing charts for Touch&Go and Missed Approaches: GPS video
  • MSFS2020 supported.
  • Seperate TakeOff and Approach charts.
  • Fixed some bugs in the landing charts.

    released on: 9 November 2020

  • Version 6.19

  • Now added a Flight Chart for the entire flight, look here for an impression: GPS video
  • Added Auto Traffic.
  • Fixed some small bugs.

    released on: 27 July 2020

  • Version 6.18

  • Now with a built-in GPS logger, look at the video for an impression: GPS video
  • G-force at touchdown now more realistic.
  • Flaps positions PMDG Aircrafts now more accurat.
  • Spolers/speedbrake armed now working for PMDG Aircrafts.
  • Autopilot and autospeed now working for some PMDG Aircrafts.
  • Some other bugs are fixed.

    released on: 23 June 2020

  • Version 6.17

  • Previous versions where not compatible with the newest MakeRwys.exe file.
  • PMDG aircrafts now also supported.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

    released on: 28 March 2020

  • Version 6.16

  • Now at the first time startup the runways.xml file, if exsist, will be automatically detected.
  • Now descent phase not started to soon.
  • Autobrake added and show position.
  • Landing on left or right gear detected.
  • When a second landing attempt is made the landing chart is now displayed correctly.
  • Added in Flight Report: Total Fuel Consumption in Gallons, Liters, Lbs and Kilo's.
  • Added a picture of the user aircraft. (but not in FS9, solution see manual)
  • Added speed restrictions below 10,000 ft.
  • Maximum ground speed reached in flight.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

    released on: 19 February 2020

  • Version 6.15

  • Now added Instant Failures, the engine fail after a certain number of seconds set by the user counting from airborn. So you can train for example a engine failure after takeoff.
  • Also some other gauges can fail instantly by pushing a button ie. attitude- and altimeter indicators.
  • The failures occurrences are now also added in the flight report.

  • Version 6.14

  • The bug that the Flight Report is not being generated is now solved.
  • Detect now the versions of all simulators.
  • FSX-SE must now also work properly.
  • The bug that FSX-SE and P3D couldn't find the Nearest airports is now also solved.
  • QNH in flight report now also with inHg.

  • Version 5.12

  • When startingup there is now a loading indicator.
  • More information about the status of FsQC and FS.
  • Added a framerate indicator.
  • Shows the 6 nearest airborn and ground traffic.
  • Some minor changes.

  • Version 5.11

  • Update for P3Dv4.
  • Some minor changes.

  • Version 5.10

  • Now also P3D and ESP supported.
  • The small Flight Planner has now additional features.
  • Choose a Random destination.
  • Shows the 6 nearest airports.
  • Make a flightplan and load in FS (only straight flight without waypoints).

    Screenshot Flight Planner

  • Version 4.09

  • More information in the Statistics
  • The small Flight Planner now calculate also the course, and cruise altitude according US flight rules.
  • Latest 200 ATC messages saved: departure, enroute, approach and arrivel. (double click on the aircraft in the logbook)
  • Better calculating ETE and ETA, and take into account the time zones.
  • Estimated real flown distance during climb, cruise, and descent.
  • Estimated taxi distance during taxiout and taxiin.
  • Tooltips on some labels for additional explaining.
  • Better error handling when the connection with the simulator is lost.
  • When changing time, fuel, payload, traffic or Pause FS: hit enter, not necessary to click the button.
  • Use the TAB button to jump to next item.

    Screenshot Statistics

    Screenshot Flight Planner

  • Version 4.07

  • Now added in the Pilot Logbook:

  • Transfer your FSX flightbook to this logbook
  • Top 5 Statistics for Airport, City and Country

    Screenshot Statistics

  • Added in version 3.05

Now Airport information is added.

Information about all airports such as:

  • Number of Runways
  • Runway length
  • Runway Headings
  • Elevation
  • All Radio Frequencies
  • All ILS Frequencies
  • Name Airport, City and Country
  • Distance Airport from your aircraft

    Screenshot Airport Information

Now a small flight planner is added.

This is very handy when you use other flight planners, fill in only:

  • ICAO departure (already filled in by FsQC, but not in FS9)
  • ICAO destination
  • Cruise altitude
  • FsQC can also calculate the distance then cruise altitude is automaticly filled in by FsQC

    Screenshot Flight Planner

Now with even more extensive data!

Such as:

  • Runway ID at departure and arrivel
  • Runway length and elevation at arrivel
  • Name Airport, City and Country
  • Estimated real flown distance
  • Estimated real flown distance during climb cruise and descent
  • Visibility at 500 ft. (landing)
  • Landing Attempts
  • Whether QNH properly set during cruise and landing
  • Groundspeed in landing chart

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